AVŞAR MINERAL WATER has adopted the policy of always meeting the beliefs, requests and needs of its customers as soon as possible in accordance with national and international standards and specifications.


As the management of AVŞAR MINERAL WATER, all kinds of support will be given to the studies to increase and improve the quality and efficiency.

Our company;

To provide 100% HALAL, quality and safe food by protecting the environment as the first aim, To do business in accordance with Islamic rules, reliable, honest, planned, on time, with the desired quality, by closely following the technological development with our trained employees, with the awareness of continuous improvement, To enable our employees to take on more responsibilities, to enable them to develop themselves and to ensure the active participation of the employees, To offer the most reliable products produced at the lowest possible cost to the market by applying production methods that prevent pollution and cause the least damage to the environment, in a facility where all employees fulfill the requirements of the Halal, Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management system, To create open communication channels with our suppliers in practices aimed at increasing the quality of service and customer satisfaction, To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by prioritizing teamwork with its expert management staff and trained personnel, To continuously improve Halal Food Management, Quality Management, Environmental Management and Food Safety Management Systems by complying with laws, regulations, customer requirements and standard conditions, Our company has adopted the Integrated Management System Policy.

Mehmet BAŞPINAR General Manager